Light & Space is a full service Architectural Design Studio.

We use light as our primary building material and we engineer environments that inspire. 

Our work is not about form and it is not about style ; rather, we use our buildings to celebrate and reveal the light of their unique locations. 

Our work is designed to evoke joy, wonder, and amazement in the hearts of our clients.

Why Light ?

Light is universal. 

I began to think some time ago that I could reach the greatest possible audience if I focused on communicating in universal languages. 

After some thought, it became clear that Art, Beauty, Mathematics, Geometry, Music and Love were universal languages understood by everyone on the planet irrespective of race, religion or culture.   

Curiously, light was also one of them.


I found that the field of light unified nearly everything - art, beauty, geometry, mathematics – and all in a very revealing fashion. 

It might seem obvious to say, but light is simply everywhere. For humans who are so dependent upon their capacity of vision, light is everything. It is fundamental to our existence, and it is hard to imagine our world, or the universe, without it.  

I have yet to meet anyone who, once introduced to the field of light, fails to be captivated by it. Everyone benefits from added light in their life.     

Curious to know more?  See our projects below.

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Light and Space Architecture

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